by grabthar's hammer you shall be avenged (badumtish) wrote,
by grabthar's hammer you shall be avenged

so i drew these on the roadtrip out to chicago
also i have an art tumblr now where i will post all my post-it sketches
it's here if anyone likes watching progress as much as i do...

anyway onto the arts

in other news i think Joffrey Baratheon is slowly worming his way into becoming one of my favorite characters in ASOIAF
i still want to push him off a cliff and laugh but hey. he's just a really good bad guy. and he's hilarious to me so :x
sandor clegane is my favorite though. 
and i think i like the lannisters better than the starks tbh
the starks are kind of... boring...

plus i love the kid who plays joffrey in the show 
even if i have only seen clips 
Tags: art, days into night, game of hoes, homestuck, whoops

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