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i hate .rtf files


and then i had mattias and marcus argue with each other because 1) i can and 2) i wanted to see how they'd play off each other more.
They're arguing about... well. Mattias is trying to convince him to help him out in protecting Ahl's little caravan thing from approaching raiders. He tries to convince him with the whole 'THERE ARE A LOT OF KIDS HERE' because marcus cares about that stuff and then... rofl. 
IDK why I'm even explaining this since I will be the only one who understands it anyway but eh 

and then i didn't draw the rest of the conversation lol 

also i am back to looking for games for mattias because rofl
i dropped prom already 
idk it just didn't work for me 
i'm thinking he won't really be good in a game which makes me sad because i really want to keep trying to get his voice and behavior pinned down to something other than descriptions and ideas of what he's like. idk idk idk 
Tags: art, days into night, nothing substantial, ocs: not the tv show, rl, rp, snake girl

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